Lumberjack Foot Race!

Jigger Johnson 50 Mile & 100 K

I was asked to draw up a logo with axes, beer, mountains, and a badass lumberjack… well here ya go! Jigger Johnson was a legendary lumberjack who felled trees from Oregon to Maine. Caught bobcats bare handed and once bit a mans ear off in a drunken brawl. This race is developed around his fabled tales as the last true lumberjack.

“The Jigger Johnson race is a 50 mile and 100k trail race through the White Mountains of New Hampshire on very technical and hilly terrain.  The 100k has over 20,000 feet of climbing!  The race traverses over four 4 thousand footers.  It starts by taking runners over South Moat and they end in Waterville Valley.  Due to the challenging nature of this course we decided to name it after a crazy logger legend Jigger Johnson.” – Kristina – Owner / Operator of Rockhopper Races LLC –

You can compare the sketch to the final design below. Then below that you can watch a super satisfying video of how this logo went from sketch to clean artwork. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to this blog and my Youtube channel! Thanks! – Tyler Ryan

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