Hii! The last “i” was just drunk and fell over. If that takes a second to understand it’s okay. I’m your local & quirky graphic artist. From business branding to doodles. From photography to sign making. I’d say I make some stuff.. and I also was a DJ for 7 years. I like being creative… strike that, I love being creative. I’d say my passion is to just make really neat things that make other people happy or help them make money and be successful. Anyway, enough about me, how bout you?? That’s why I’m here, I mean you’re here… sorry, I’ve been hanging out with that drunk “i” up there. You’re why I built here. That’s it. I made this blog for you. I mean, it’s for me, but for you, happy birthday! No receipt though so you can’t return this blog for cash. What you can get though is a bunch of cool stuff to look at or hire me if you need something made. Both are fine with me! If you subscribe I’d be very happy… so you should click that button for me and whatever your favorite charity is. Yea, a percentage of the clicks go to them. That should help boost these numbers. Anyway, come hang out here sometime and say hi. Thank you! – Tyler Ryan

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